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07 March 2006 @ 06:12 pm
And when I wake up, you're wearing make-up.  

The usual...

Name: Andy
Age: 16
Sex: I'm a fellow.
People you want to have sex with the most (this could be a gender): Womenfolk preferably.
Baby, what's your sign?: Virgo.

Top five... (don't just list!)

[1] America: The Book -witty, poignant (thats my word of the day) and makes for a great pillow on long car trips.
[2] Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy -more controversial than Oolon Colluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters: Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes and Who is this God Person Anyway?
[3] Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man -stream of consciousness owns.
[4] The Zombie Survival Guide -almost too sincere.
[5] The Man On High Castle -what would have happened if we lost WWII?

[1] The Shins -beautiful, life changing.
[2] The Postal Service -there's hope for electro-pop yet.
[3] The New Pornographers -I implore you to find a better canadian indie-rock supergroup.
[4] Death Cab For Cutie -do I even have to explain?
[5] The Strokes -addictive.

[1] Garden State -see my icon?
[2] Star Wars -I'm a geek, deal with it.
[3] Donnie Darko -I was more or less obsessed with this movie my freshman year.
[4] Serenity -if you've ever seen the very short lived fox series Firefly you'd understand.
[5] Twelve Angry Men -or: Why Sidney Lumet is a better director than almost everyone in hollywood today.

Top 5 awful...(don't just list!)

[1] Great Expectations -good story, shit style.
[2] Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -long story short, Frankenstein is a douche, the creature's misunderstood and everybody dies.
[3] Timeline -I attempted to read this once, but my large intestine throttled my brain in an attempt to protect civilization.
[4] The Gospel According To Larry -I was supposed to make a sales pitch for this book last year in english, I ended up trashing it in front of the class (I value honesty).
[5] Nothing's Sacred -I'm sorry Lewis Black, but writing really isn't your strongsuit-- you should stick with yelling.

[1] Linkin Park
[2] System Of A Down
[3] Blink 182
[4] My Chemical Romance
[5] Korn

[1] Napolean Dynamite
[2] Napolean Dynamite
[3] Napolean Dynamite
[4] Napolean Dynamite
[5] Napolean Dynamite

Either Ors...

Curious George or George W. Bush? Curious George.
The Nightmare Before Christmas or Gremlins? Nightmare Before Christmas.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars.
Rent or Wicked? I elect my musical version of Othello, called "What Moor?!"
Pokemon or Digimon? Pokemon
Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? Depends on the day.
Batman or Superman? Batman, no question.

Now let's talk about you...

Favorite muppet? Swedish Chef

Tell us a funny story, feel free to link and use photographs. From the Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary:
adj. getting ready to hit something.
"Are you as word_rad as I am, my friend?"

Describe yourself, but be witty, or you won't be liked. "There's a little bit of Andy in all of us." -Conan 0'brian


Lizzie (taihenneko).:. I [heart symbol] you.
Graham (tastick).:. Dude, I still have the town we made in The Sims. Hell was pretty awesome.
Andy (thekingexists).:. You're the best person ever, no question.

PROMOTE (and provide links)
[] Public Entry........................................................
[] Userinfo...................later....................................
[] anywhere else.......................................................

((tastick thinks all applicants should be required to buy a billboard to promote the community, thekingexists thinks it should have flashy things and taihenneko thinks it should be shiny.))


Do you have a pet, and do you love them to pieces? Show us! My cat Max died about a month ago, Simon has a few years left in him.

Post at least three photos of yourself. Make one of them 150x200. If you're accepted, we'll put you on a lovely member page. All the overly contrasted or extremely photoshopped pictures are nice, but please at least one where we can have a general idea of what you actually look like. In real life.
I'm in the middle.

Andy on Ice.

Me with my former hair.

You have my member page pic.

Extra credit...

Make a banner ((and use it in promos)) Later.

Tell us a funny Chuck Norris joke.
One time on the set of Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris revived a still born lamb with a deep beard massage. Once a crowd had gathered he roundhouse kicked the lamb--breaking its neck and effectively killing it. Thus proving the point that as the good Chuck giveth, the good Chuck he taketh away. <-done from memory.

Tell us about Demetri Martin.
Lizzle and myself bond over Demetri, just the same as we bond over Ben Gibbard. He once said this:
After candy, social networking sites are kids' favorite things. And if you turn the graph over you can see its what old people like the second least.

Wow Andy (thekingexists), just in case he's feeling sway-ish.
taihenneko on March 8th, 2006 12:36 am (UTC)
if I didn't know you, I'd auto yes because we hate Napolean Dynamite. and also...................
taihenneko on March 8th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
in all of my modly goodness, you can get a stamp anyway.